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St Edmund King & Martyr

St Edmund King & Martyr, Lombard St

Photo: Dickon Love, Mar 2002

  • 2 bells hung for full circle ringing but derelict
  • Tenor: 14¾ cwt approx. in G♭.
  • Grid Ref: TQ328810
  • Rung from: Upstairs Ringing Room
  • Frame: Timber.
  • Diocese: London
  • Building Listed Grade: I. Click for Heritage details.

Details of the Bells

Bell Weight
(most recent)
Diameter Note Date FounderRetuned
® Smaller 2 cwt approx.20½" B♭ 1739 Thomas Lester, WhiechapelNever
® Larger 14¾ cwt approx.42¾" G♭ 1675 Anthony Bartlett, WhitechapelNever

®  - Hung for full circle ringing



1292 Church known as "St Edmund towards Garcherche".
1348 Church known as "St Edmund in Lombardestrete".
1666 Old church destroyed in the Great Fire.
1675 A large and a small bell were cast for the church.
1690 New church completed by Wren with a tower designed like a lighthouse, ornamented at the angles by flaming urns in allusion to the Great Fire.
1739 Sanctus bell recast.
1864 Church restored.
1880 Church restored again.
2005 Church renovated and reopened as a Spiritual Bookshop.

Pictures of the church

Photo: ASCY archive



Pictures of the belfry

The larger bell.
Photo: Dickon R Love, 25 Jan 2007

The smaller bell.
Photo: Dickon R Love, 25 Jan 2007

Photo: Dickon R Love, 25 Jan 2007

Photo: Dickon R Love, 25 Jan 2007

The Tulse Memorial

The memorial stone to Sir Henry Tulse, former Lord Mayor of London and Master of the Ancient Society of College Youths. This was originally in the church of St Dionis Backchurch and was since moved to St Edmund's.
Photo: Dickon R Love

The plaque on the memorial stone placed there by the Ancient Society of College Youths.
Photo: Dickon R Love

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