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St Martin-within-Ludgate

St Martin-within-Ludgate, Ludgate Hill

Photo: Dickon R Love, 13 Apr 2021

  • Service bell sitting on floor of belfry and small bell on display in the church
  • Tenor: 3½ cwt approx. in .
  • Grid Ref: TQ318811
  • Frame: Timber frame
  • Diocese: London
  • Building Listed Grade: I. Click for Heritage details.

Details of the Bells

Bell Weight
(most recent)
Diameter Note Date FounderRetuned
҈ Smaller 1 cwt approx.19" 1683 Philip Wightman, ClerkenwellNever
҈ Larger 3½cwt approx.25½" 1672 John Hodson, WhitechapelNever

҈    - Unhung



1444 Record of 4 bells. Malcolm says that "Maister John Kermeydon met his parishioners in the chapel of St John the Baptist on 21 March 1445 tto fix the charges for tolling each of the four bells"
1552 Record of 5 bells and a Sanctus [1]
1623 The ancient church was repaired.
1666 The church was destroyed in the Great Fire.
1672 A bell was cast by John Hodson - the current disused service bell.
1683 A bell was cast by Philip Wightman - the current disused sanctus bell on display.
1684 The church rebuilding completed (by Wren). The tower rises at the centre of the south front of the church facing Ludgate Hill with a lead covered octagonal cupola supporting a balcony, the base of which is encircled by a balcony. It has a tapered spire with rising to a height of 158 ft.
1708 Record of the 2 bells in the tower.
1824 Record of the 2 bells in the tower.
1897 The smaller bell was described as disused hanging just below the spirelet at the top of the steeple.
[1] Item V grete Belles. Item a small Saunce bell. (Edwardian Inventory, 1552)

Pictures of the church

The church in 1814 by George Shepherd .

Pictures of the bells

Photo: Dickon R Love, 25 Jan 2007

Part of the timber frame and old wheel.
Photo: Dickon R Love, 25 Jan 2007

The service bell disused in the corner of the belfry underneath a large timber frame.
Photo: Dickon R Love, 25 Jan 2007

Photo: Dickon R Love, 25 Jan 2007

The old Sanctus sitting in the church.
Photo: Dickon R Love, 25 Jan 2007

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