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The Bells of the City of London
St Nicholas Cole Abbey

St Nicholas Cole Abbey, Queen Victoria St

Photo: Dickon Love, May 2001

Details of the Bells

Bell Weight
(most recent)
Diameter Note Date FounderRetuned
Single bell 4-3-929" 1961 Mears & Stainbank, WhitechapelNever



1552 Record of 6 bells and a sanctus. [1]
1626 New frames were made for the bells. [2]
1666 The church and bells were destroyed in the Great Fire.
1671 The church was rebuilt by Wren with a north west tower with a spire of lead to a total height of 135 ft. It was completed in 1681.
1708 Record of 1 bell.
1727 A bell was cast or recast for the church by Richard Phelps.
1824 Record of 1 bell.
1884 The church was reopened on 26 Oct.
1896 Record of 1 bell "idle, and has been so for about ten years". [3]
1941 The church was bombed in the War and burned out.
1960 The tower was entirely rebuilt above the first floor, completed 1961. The restoration was by Arthur Bailey.
1961 A new bell was cast and hung for stationary chiming. It is hung on a headstock between 2 beams with a carillon chime clapper and independent crown staple and pulley.
1962 The church reopened after restoration.
[1] vj belles with the saunce bell in the steple (Edwardian Inventory, 1552)
[2] In the Year 1626. new Frames were made for the Bells. And in the Year 1628. new Battlements were added to the Steeple. (A Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster, John Strype, 1720)
[3] (Eeles, FC, 29 Feb 1896)

Pictures of the church


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