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The Bells of the City of London
St Peter-upon-Cornhill

St Peter-upon-Cornhill, Cornhill

Photo: Dickon Love, 9 Jul 2002

  • Single bell hung for full circle ringing but derelict plus single unhung bell
  • Tenor: 10¾ cwt approx. in G♯.
  • Grid Ref: TQ330811
  • Frame: Timber
  • Diocese: London
  • Building Listed Grade: I. Click for Heritage details.

Details of the Bells

Bell Weight
(most recent)
Diameter Note Date FounderRetuned
҈ Single Bell 2½ cwt approx.38¾" A 1772 Pack & Chapman, WhitechapelNever. Unhung.
҂ Sanctus 10¾ cwt approx.21" G♯ 1772 Pack & Chapman, WhitechapelNever

҂  - Hung for swing chiming
҈    - Unhung


How the bells are tuned

Bell supplied after the Great Fire

Bell Weight Diameter Note Date Founder Retuned Fate
Single bell1½ cwt approx.UnknownNeverPresumed replaced in 1772

The bells in the tower destroyed in the Great Fire

Bell Weight Diameter Note Date Founder Retuned Fate
Saints bell1662UnknownDestroyed 1662
TrebleUnknownDestroyed 1662
2UnknownDestroyed 1662
3UnknownDestroyed 1662
4UnknownDestroyed 1662
Tenor17-2-221587Robert MotDestroyed 1662

Earlier known tenor

Bell Weight Diameter Note Date Founder Retuned Fate
Tenor (of 5)20-1-17UnknownRecast 1587


1552 Record of 5 bells. [1]
1587 The broken tenor bell was recast by Robert Mott. However it appears that the new bell was not liked and the Vestry resolved that it be taken away. This does not seem to have happened as arguments continued over the following years. [2]
1604 The vestry urged Mott's bell be accepted. The old bell was given as 20-14-17 and the new 17-2-22. [3]
1620 A new clock was ordered for the tower to strike on one of the bells. [4]
1623 Vestry records say that "the steeple ordered to be covered and the bells hung up". [5]
1629 The 2nd (of 5) was recast. [6]
1662 The Vestry ordered that a sanctus bell be hung in the tower above the other bells. [7]
1666 The church and bells were destroyed in the Great Fire.
1673 The vestry held at the Tabernacle (this being the temporary church) ordered a bell for it weighing about 1½ cwt and workmen to make a wheel and frame. This remained the only bell for about 100 years. [8]
1677 The church was rebuilt with a brick tower of unusual and almost Italian style, of four stages with a timber dome, lantern and spire, crowned with a vane in the form of a key. It was completed in 1687.
1708 Record of 1 bell.
1772 The present 2 bells were cast. The smaller was hung immediately underneath the wooden spirelet at the top of the small dome above the tower.
1824 Record of 2 bells.
1889 The church was reopened on 3 Nov.
[1] In the steple five belles and the sainctes bell. (Edwardian Inventory, 1552)
[2] 30 Apr: The vestry resolved that Robert Mott was to be given the great bell (it being broken) to exchange for "a perfett good bell, and of good sounde, to agree with the reste", to hang it up and to guarantee it for a year and a day." 25 Jun: The vestry resolved to ask Robert Mott to take away the great bell that he hung "for that it was disliked of all the parish generally" and they decreed with him that "yf he had a good and prefect treble, they would have one of him reasonable." 4 Jul: Mott was paid for casting the great bell and for overplus of metal. (Vestry minutes 1587)
[3] The vestry urged Mott's bell be accepted "because thought tuneable enough" and because "the steeple being old and crazie would surely without damage admit the great bell". (Vestry minutes, 8 Apr 1604)
[4] The old clock ordered to the top of the steeple because the one on which the clock now striketh is found fault with, being so low that few of the parish can hear it. (Vestry minutes, 21 Mar 1620)
[5] The steeple ordered to be covered and the bells hung up. (Vestry minutes, 27 Jul 1623)
[6] The second bell to be new cast and made tuneable like the rest. (Vestry minutes, 26 Jul 1629)
[7] A saints bell "to be hanged in the steeple over the other bells". (Vestry minutes, 12 Nov 1662)
[8] (Vestry minutes, 2 Apr 1673)

Pictures of the church


Pictures from the belfry

The service bell hung for ringing, but derelict. It is unused.
Photo: Dickon R Love, 16 Dec, 2009

Photo: Dickon R Love, 16 Dec, 2009

Photo: Dickon R Love, 16 Dec, 2009

The Sanctus bell sitting on the floor.
Photo: Dickon R Love, 16 Dec, 2009

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