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The Bells of the City of London
All Hallows Staining

All Hallows Staining, Mark Lane

Photo: Dickon Love, 15 Aug 2001

  • Formerly 6 bells, 8-2-21
  • Grid Ref: TQ333809
  • The tower has been cleared of the frame and new floors have been put in. It is now a part of St Olave's (Hart Street) Church Hall.
  • Diocese: London
  • Building Listed Grade: I. Click for Heritage details.

Removed in 1890

Bell Weight Diameter Note Date Founder Retuned Fate
Treble3-1-224½F♯1697James BartlettNeverRemoved and recast 1890
2nd3-2-2625½"E1607Joseph Carter IINeverRemoved and recast 1890
3rd4½ cwt approx.27½"D1458Mechelen FoundryNeverRemoved to Finsbury Pantechnicon then Grocers' Hall
4th5-2-1030"C♯1682James BartlettNeverRemoved and recast 1890
5th6-1-032½"B1682James BartlettNeverRemoved and recast 1890
Tenor8-2-2136½"A1647Anthony BartlettNeverRemoved and recast 1890

The Bells for St Paul, Homerton

Bell Weight*Weight
(As supplied to Stone)
Diameter Note Date Founder Retuned Fate
Treble4-0-34-0-025⁷⁄₁₆"F♯1890Mears & Stainbank2010 WhitechapelHanging in Stone
2nd4-2-144-1-2626¹³⁄₁₆"E1890Mears & Stainbank2010 WhitechapelHanging in Stone
3rd5-0-14-3-2728⅝"D1890Mears & Stainbank2010 WhitechapelHanging in Stone
4th5-2-125-2-1029⅞"C♯1890Mears & Stainbank2010 WhitechapelHanging in Stone
5th6-3-96-3-832¹⁵⁄₁₆"B1890Mears & Stainbank2010 WhitechapelHanging in Stone
Tenor8-1-98-1-835⅞"A1890Mears & StainbankNeverRecast 2010 for Stone

* Source of weight figures: As received by Whitechapel


1458 A bell was cast by the Mechelen Foundry, Belgium.
1492 The Churchwardens Accounts mention a Sanctus bell.
1509 The Churchwardens Accounts report that the Great Bell was recast.
1552 Record of 4 bells, a Sanctus and a clock in the tower. [1]
1579 The Churchwardens Accounts report that a new 2nd bell was cast by Robert Mot weighing 3-1-6.
1583 The Churchwardens Accounts report that a small broken bell of 78 lbs was replaced with a larger one of 118 lbs.
1592 The Churchwardens Accounts report that a bell was recast by Robert Mot.
1607 A bell was cast by Joseph Carter.
1610 A payment was made to "Mr Lamb the Bell founder".
1647 A bell was cast by Anthony Bartlett.
1666 The church survived the Great Fire.
1682 2 bells were cast by James Bartlett.
1697 A bell was cast by James Bartlett.
1708 Record of a ring of 6, plus a smaller bell. [2]
1824 Another record of a ring of 6, plus a smaller bell.
1870 The church was demolished except for the tower and crypt. The parish was united with that of St Olave, Hart Street.
1890 The bells were removed from the tower. All except the 3rd were recast by Mears & Stainbank to the order of the Grocers' Company (the Patrons) who had built a replacement church of St Paul at Homerton. A new 3rd was substituted and the whole ring was hung in the new tower. The Belgian bell was stored for some years in the Finsbury Pantechnicon but later set up at the Grocers' Hall.
1968 The Belgian bell was cracked in a fire that destroyed the Grocers' Hall but it was subsequently welded and restored.
1983 The six bells were removed from St Paul, Homerton and put into storage with a view to installing them at St Anne's, Limehouse. In the event, Limehouse received its bells from St Peter, Walworth, so they remained in storage under the care of the Keltek Trust.
2000 The bells were offered to St Nicholas, Deptford by the Keltek Trust.
2005 The Kent CA bought the 6 Homerton bells from the Keltek Trust and kept them in Trust for the church pending the launch of an appeal to augment them to 8 and hang them in a new frame in the tower of St Nicholas, Deptford.
2007 A change in management at St Nicholas, Deptford led to disinterest in the bells, so the bells were reacquired by the Keltek Trust.
2010 The bells were tuned ready to be hung in Stone-by-Dartford. It was clear that the tenor was inferior to the rest with a large porous patch in the waist that was visible inside and out. It was therefore recast. The bells were hung at Stone the following year.
[1] (Edwardian Inventory, 1552)
[2] "Six bells to ring in peal, besides a small one" ()

Bell photographs

The former 3rd from the Mechelen Foundry on display in the Grocers' Hall.
Photo: DLC collection

The old 4th in 1968 shortly after the fire that cracked it.
Photo: DLC collection

Church drawings

Old engraving.

Old engraving.

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