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The Bells of the City of London
All Hallows Lombard St

All Hallows Lombard St, Lombard St

Photo: ASCY archive

  • Formerly ring of 10, 19½ cwt
  • Grid Ref: TQ329809
  • Bells originally from St Dionis Backchurch
  • Diocese: London
  • Peals rung at the tower

Prior to 1938

Bell Weight Diameter Note Date Founder Retuned Fate
Treble5 cwt approx.25½"G♯1732Richard PhelpsTuned after removal 1951Removed 1938, transferred to Twickenham 1951
25½ cwt approx.27"F♯1726Richard PhelpsTuned after removal 1951Removed 1938, transferred to Twickenham 1951
35¾ cwt approx.28½"E1726Richard PhelpsTuned after removal 1951Removed 1938, transferred to Twickenham 1951
46 cwt approx.31"D♯1750Thomas LesterTuned after removal 1951Removed 1938, transferred to Twickenham 1951
57 cwt approx.32½"C♯1726Richard PhelpsTuned after removal 1951Removed 1938, transferred to Twickenham 1951
68 cwt approx.34½"B1726Richard PhelpsWas left uncutRemoved 1938, transferred to Twickenham 1951
79½ cwt approx.39"A1726Richard PhelpsTuned after removal 1951Removed 1938, transferred to Twickenham 1951
811 cwt approx.39½"G♯1750Thomas LesterNeverRemoved 1938 and recast
914 cwt approx.43¼"F♯1726Richard PhelpsTuned after removal 1951Removed 1938, transferred to Twickenham 1951
Tenor19½ cwt approx.48¼"E1726Richard PhelpsNeverRemoved 1938 and recast

The bells after the Great Fire

Bell Weight Diameter Note Date Founder Retuned Fate
One bell7-1-2534⅞"1723Richard PhelpsNeverTransferred to St Paul, Southwark, then St John, Herne Bay, before falling apart.
The other bell???UnknownNeverTransferred to St Paul, Southwark and disappeared after the War.


1516 The building of the church commenced.
1544 Tower completed. Much of the stone came from the lately dissolved priory of St John of Jerusalem near Smithfield, as well as the frame in which the priory bells had hung. Mr Warner, a draper of the parish, bought the priory bells intending to give them to All Hallows, but he died before the transaction could be completed. His son and heir refused to carry out the intention, so the tower was only equipped with one bell. [1]
1552 Record of 2 bells, one probably being a sanctus bell. The inventory also refers to the sale of 3 broken bells.
1666 Church damaged in the Great Fire.
1686 Building of the church began, by Wren at a cost of £8,058 15s. 6d. Two bells (a large one and a small one) were placed in the tower.
1694 Church completed. This was the last of Wren's City Churches to be completed.
1726 A ring of 10 bells was cast by Richard Phelps for St Dionis, Backchurch.
1732 The treble of the St Dionis ring recast as it was broken.
1750 The 4th and 8th of the St Dionis ring were recast as they were cracked.
1824 Record of 2 bells.
1879 The ten bells from St Dionis, Backchurch were hung in All Hallows. The Order in Council provided that the two bells from All Hallows should go to the new church of St Dionis, Parsons Green, Fulham., but the churchwardens disregarded the order and disposed of them to St Paul's, Southwark. The churchwardens at Parsons Green were not happy with this, but were pacified with a bell from St Michael, Bassishaw (which came via St Etheldreda's, Fulham).
1900 One of the bells given to St Paul's, Southwark was sold to St John's, Herne Bay, Kent for a very generous £20 where it was hung by Samuel Goslin.
1938 The east wall of the church was found to be unsafe. Despite the many petitions, the church was pulled down. The tower was dismantled and rebuilt on a new site in Twickenham where also most of the fittings were transferred. Other churches were built out of the proceeds of the sale of All Hallows, the first being All Hallows, North Greenford (consecrated 1941). The old bells were initially offered to the new Cathedral of Guildford, but they were passed over in favour of a new ring. The site was used as the head office for Barclay's Bank.
1951 The bells were tuned (except the 6th), the 8th and tenor recast and the bells hung in their familiar tower at Twickenham.
1957 The church of St Paul's, Southwark, which was badly damaged in the War, was pulled down and the remaining All Hallows bell was lost.
1973 The bell in the church of St John's, Herne Bay, which had been declared redundant, was rescued by the Kent County Association. It was however of such poor repair, it fell apart before it reached the ground.
1988 The 2 trebles from All Hallows Twickenham were replaced with new bells. The old bells were given to St John the Baptist, Windsor - this is therefore their 4th home! However the bells have simply remained in storage at the church and are unhung (as at 2017).
[1] his Church was lately new builded. John Warner, Armourer, and then Grocer, Sheriff, 1494. builded the South Ile; his Son Robert Warner, Esq; finished it, in the year 1516. The Pewterers were Benefactors towards the North Ile, &c. The Steeple or Bell-tower thereof was finished in the year 1544. about the thirty sixth of Henry VIII. The fair Stone Porch of this Church was brought from the late dissolved Priory of S. John of Jerusalem by Smithfield. So was the Frame for their Bells. But the Bells being bought, were never brought thither, by reason that one old Warner, Draper, of that Parish deceasing, his Son young Mark Warner would not perform what his Father had begun and appointed; so that fair Steeple hath but one Bell, as Friers were wont to use. (A Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster, John Strype, 1720)


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  • Gallery

    Photograph of the church prior to demolition.
    Photo: DLC collection.

    Old drawing of the church.

    Old engraving.

    Peal Boards

    Performance Board dated approx. 1786
    27 Dec 1785: 5040 Oxford Treble Bob Royal (Ancient Society of College Youths)

    Performance Board dated approx. 1853
    22 Nov 1852: 5079 Stedman Caters (Ancient Society of College Youths)

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