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The Bells of the City of London
St Mary Aldermanbury

St Mary Aldermanbury, Aldermanbury

Photo: ASCY archive

Bells destroyed in 1940

Bell Weight Diameter Note Date Founder Retuned Fate
15 cwt approx.30"1675James BartlettNeverDestroyed 1940
Sanctus4 cwt approx.25½"1809Thomas Mears IINeverDestroyed 1940


1437 The Lord Mayor, Sir William Englefield, gave 5 new bells (he "changed their bells into 5 tuneable ones"). [1]
1552 Record of 5 bells and a sanctus. [2]
1666 The church was destroyed in the Great Fire.
1675 A bell was cast by James Bartlet.
1677 The church was rebuilt by Wren complete with a western tower with a cornice and pierced parapet, the angles of which carried many pedestals. Upon the tower was placed a turret in two stages, the lower containing the clock faces. Height 90 ft.
1696 The site was sold and the stones were sold to Fulton, Missouri, USA, where the church was rebuilt..
1708 Record of 2 bells.
1809 The smaller bell was recast by Thomas Mears II. The clock was supplied at this time by Moore of Clerkenwell (with four 7 ft dials).
1824 Record of 2 bells.
1897 The smaller bell was noted to be hanging at the top of a wooden superstructure for the clock and usually rung for service. The larger bell was noted to be almost disused. [3]
1917 The parish was united with that of St Alphage, London Wall.
1940 The church and bells were destroyed by enemy action.
1954 The parish was united with that of St Giles, Cripplegate.
[1] (Walters Ms p.114)
[2] v belles in the steple one greater than another and a little sancts bell - vi beeles greate & small (Edwardian Inventory, 1552)
[3] (Eeles, FC, 1897)

Pictures of the church in London.




Pictures of the church rebuilt in Missouri.

The church, now rebuilt in Fulton, Missouri, USA.

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