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The Bells of the City of London
St Mary Magdalen Old Fish St

St Mary Magdalen Old Fish St, Old Fish St

Photo: Engraving George Shepherd, 1812

  • Formerly 2 bells, 9 cwt
  • Grid Ref: TQ321809
  • Diocese: London


1552 Record of 3 bells and a Sanctus. [1]
1651 Churchwardens accounts report £12 paid to the bell hanger. [2]
1666 The church was destroyed in the Great Fire.
1669 A bell was cast by John Hodson for £25.5.0. [3]
1683 Church rebuilt by Sir Christopher Wren with a stone tower and lantern 86 ft high.
1686 A new bell was cast by William Wightman and hung in a new frame built by Mr Knowles. [4]
1708 Record of 1 bell in the tower (erroneously).
1824 Record of 2 bells in the tower.
1886 The church was seriously damaged by fire.
1887 The church was demolished. The smaller bell was stored at St Martin, Ludgate. The larger bell had disappeared some years earlier.
1890 The parish was united with that of St Martin Ludgate.
c 1900 The former Sanctus bell was transferred to St Andrew's, Bromley, Middx.
[1] iij belles wt a sauntes bell (Edwardian Inventory, 1552)
[2] (Churchwarden accounts, 1651)
[3] A receipt "of Mr Rowland for ye Bell mettill" £25.5.0 (Churchwarden accounts, 29 Jun 1669)
[4] 12 Jan: "At Casting the bell 2s." 1st Feb: "Pd Mr Knowles ye 4 part of 5li 4s for frames for ye Bells £1.6.0. Pd ye Bell Hanger ye 4 part of 6li 10s for hanging ye Bells £1.12.6;" 14 Apr 1687: Pd Mr Whiteman ye Bell Founder £12. 6 June Pd the Bellfounder ye ballence of his Acct. £2.3.0" (Churchwarden accounts, 1686-7)



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