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The Bells of the City of London
St Matthew Friday St

St Matthew Friday St, Friday St

Photo: GSB Collection

  • Formerly 1 bell, 3½ cwt approx
  • Grid Ref: TQ322811
  • Diocese: London

Prior to 1887

Bell Weight Diameter Note Date Founder Retuned Fate
Single bell3½ cwt approx.26½"E♭1704Samuel Newton & John Peele


1552 Record of 5 bells and a sanctus. [1]
1553 Record of expenditure for four baldricks for the bells. [2]
1554 Record of the purchase of a little bell weighing 2 cwt 48 lbs for £4.6d. [3]
1556 Record of the mending of the thrid bell that was "loosse in the stoke". [4]
1567 Record of a payment for a rope for the saunce bell. [7]
1568 A bell was recast using new additional metal at a cost of £3.6.6. [5]
1578 Record of a payment "for tyles to mende the church whear the saintes bell did hange" of 24s. [6]
1624 Record of payments for hanging the bells. [8]
1666 The church and bells were destroyed by the Great Fire. There is a record of money received for the old lead and bell metal as well as of a new bell being cast. [9]
1693 Record of 1 bell in inventory of 10th Nov.
1704 The bell was recast by Newton and Peele for £24.15.0 (paid 6th Oct).
1708 Record of 1 bell.
1887 The church was pulled down when the parish was united with St Vedast, Foster Lane. The bell was transferred to St Vedast and hung dead in the SW corner of its timber frame.
1941 St Vedast church was bombed and the bells were damaged. The Friday St bell was scrapped for its metal.
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