Love's Guide to

The Bells of the City of London


23 Sep 22BELLFRAME INFONow added in more detail where known across the site
02 Mar 22St James GarlickhythePhotographs from the casting and installation of the new bells in 2012, including on the River Thames
10 Oct 20St Dunstan-in-the-EastNew picture from John Pladdys collection
30 Aug 20All bells (where known) are now marked as being in one of 4 states: hung for ringing, swinging, dead or unhung.
22 Aug 20St Swithin London StoneFate of service bell discovered
15 Mar 20St Anne & St AgnesBell restored.
11 Dec 19MapUpdated map
20 Nov 19St Michael CornhillAdditional photos of the restoration work

Love's Guide to the Bells of the City of London