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Prior to 1967

Bell Weight Diameter Note Date Founder Retuned Fate
Tenor (of 3)28-0-1753⅞"E♭1858John Warner & SonsNeverBroken up 1967.


1789 St Margaret's chapel was built.
1849 Building started on the present church built, William Butterfield architect. This was the successor to the chapel. It was opened in 1859.
1858 3 bells were cast and hung in a new frame for 5 bells in the tower by John Warner and Sons. Of these bells, Lord Grimthorpe (to whose specification they were cast) said, "Bells sound better in a large chamber than a small one. Anyone who has heard the Doncaster bells will hardly believe that the three bells of All Saints, Margaret Street, are repetitions by the same founder of the 1st, 4th and tenor of Doncaster. But Doncaster bell chamber is 23 ft square, and Margaret Street not more than 14, or just two fifths of the area." The frame was a lowside oakframe (the missing bells being apparently D and G, muscailly the 2nd and 6th giving 1,2,4,6,8.
1895 The church was reopened after restoration on 22 Sept.
1958 Mears & Stainbank inspected and recommended part rehanging with new ironwork and chiming hammers, either electrically or manually operated.
1965 Mears & Stainbank recommended recasting the three bells into a chime of eight, tenor 6¼ cwt in C.
1966 Bells inspected by David Cawley. He reported that none of the bells appeared ever to have been rung full circle probably due to fears for the security of this tall slender brick tower with a spire 200 feet high. Only the treble had any appreciable soundbow wear. This bell had angular canons and had a cast-in crown staple; the two larger had Lord Grimthorpe's Doncaster head with independent staples.
1971 The tenor was broken up in the tower by Mears & Stainbank, who rehung the other two "dead"w ith lever-clappers.


  • "Report on the bells", Clouston, R M C, Technical consultant on Bells for the CCC () 5 March 1966
  • Recent Peals
    The most recent performances, according to BellBoard.
    2023-02-035088 West Bridgford Delight Major
    2023-02-035040 Ardessie Surprise Royal
    2023-02-035040 Doubles (2m)
    2023-02-025040 Surprise Minor (7m)
    2023-02-025040 Yorkshire Surprise Royal
    2023-02-025040 Surprise Minor (7m)
    2023-02-015120 Winford Surprise Major
    2023-02-015040 Surprise Minor (7m)
    2023-02-015056 Cambridge Surprise Major
    2023-02-015152 Ribblesdale Delight Major
    2023-02-015152 Farleigh Castle Delight Major
    2023-02-015040 Surprise Minor (7m)
    2023-01-315152 January Surprise Major
    2023-01-315152 Spliced Surprise Major (19m)
    2023-01-315088 Spliced Surprise Major (10m)
    2023-01-315088 Anglesey Surprise Major
    2023-01-315040 Minor (3m)
    2023-01-315088 Ememem Delight Major
    2023-01-305007 Stedman Cinques
    2023-01-305152 Spliced Surprise Major (4m)
    2023-01-295040 Cambridge Surprise Royal
    2023-01-295024 Spliced Surprise Major (4m)
    2023-01-295033 Bristol Surprise Major
    2023-01-295760 Spliced Surprise Minor (41m)
    2023-01-295040 Metro Alliance Major
    Recent Quarter Peals
    The most recent performances, according to BellBoard.
    2023-02-041272 Spliced Surprise Minor (2m)
    2023-02-031280 London Surprise Major
    2023-02-031260 Plain Bob Triples
    2023-02-031260 Plain Bob Minor
    2023-02-031280 Spliced Surprise Major (4m)
    2023-02-031250 Yorkshire Surprise Major
    2023-02-031260 Stedman Triples
    2023-02-031296 Wearmouth Surprise Minor
    2023-02-031320 London Delight Minor
    2023-02-031260 Devils Bridge Bob Minor
    2023-02-031272 Oxford Treble Bob Minor
    2023-02-031344 Speedball Surprise Major
    2023-02-031260 Doubles (2m)
    2023-02-031320 Surfleet Surprise Minor
    2023-02-031296 Bourne Surprise Minor
    2023-02-031260 Doubles (5m)
    2023-02-031264 Plain Bob Major
    2023-02-031296 Cambridge Surprise Minor
    2023-02-031280 Spliced Surprise Major (7m)
    2023-02-031320 Westminster Surprise Minor
    2023-02-031260 St Clement's College Bob Minor
    2023-02-031260 Doubles (2m)
    2023-02-031260 Plain Bob Doubles
    2023-02-031287 Stedman Caters
    2023-02-031320 Snowdrop Treble Bob Minor
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