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      Love's Guide to

The Bells of the City of London


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  • "St Michael's, Star St, Paddington", Dalton, C J N (The Ringing World) 1 July 2005
  • Recent Peals
    The most recent performances, according to BellBoard.
    2023-02-035088 West Bridgford Delight Major
    2023-02-035040 Ardessie Surprise Royal
    2023-02-035040 Doubles (2m)
    2023-02-025040 Surprise Minor (7m)
    2023-02-025040 Yorkshire Surprise Royal
    2023-02-025040 Surprise Minor (7m)
    2023-02-015120 Winford Surprise Major
    2023-02-015040 Surprise Minor (7m)
    2023-02-015056 Cambridge Surprise Major
    2023-02-015152 Ribblesdale Delight Major
    2023-02-015152 Farleigh Castle Delight Major
    2023-02-015040 Surprise Minor (7m)
    2023-01-315152 January Surprise Major
    2023-01-315152 Spliced Surprise Major (19m)
    2023-01-315088 Spliced Surprise Major (10m)
    2023-01-315088 Anglesey Surprise Major
    2023-01-315040 Minor (3m)
    2023-01-315088 Ememem Delight Major
    2023-01-305007 Stedman Cinques
    2023-01-305152 Spliced Surprise Major (4m)
    2023-01-295040 Cambridge Surprise Royal
    2023-01-295024 Spliced Surprise Major (4m)
    2023-01-295033 Bristol Surprise Major
    2023-01-295760 Spliced Surprise Minor (41m)
    2023-01-295040 Metro Alliance Major
    Recent Quarter Peals
    The most recent performances, according to BellBoard.
    2023-02-041272 Spliced Surprise Minor (2m)
    2023-02-031280 London Surprise Major
    2023-02-031260 Plain Bob Triples
    2023-02-031260 Plain Bob Minor
    2023-02-031280 Spliced Surprise Major (4m)
    2023-02-031250 Yorkshire Surprise Major
    2023-02-031260 Stedman Triples
    2023-02-031296 Wearmouth Surprise Minor
    2023-02-031320 London Delight Minor
    2023-02-031260 Devils Bridge Bob Minor
    2023-02-031272 Oxford Treble Bob Minor
    2023-02-031344 Speedball Surprise Major
    2023-02-031260 Doubles (2m)
    2023-02-031320 Surfleet Surprise Minor
    2023-02-031296 Bourne Surprise Minor
    2023-02-031260 Doubles (5m)
    2023-02-031264 Plain Bob Major
    2023-02-031296 Cambridge Surprise Minor
    2023-02-031280 Spliced Surprise Major (7m)
    2023-02-031320 Westminster Surprise Minor
    2023-02-031260 St Clement's College Bob Minor
    2023-02-031260 Doubles (2m)
    2023-02-031260 Plain Bob Doubles
    2023-02-031287 Stedman Caters
    2023-02-031320 Snowdrop Treble Bob Minor
    Full list of peals on Bellboard here
    Full list of quarters on Bellboard here

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