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The Bells of the City of London
St Martin Orgar

St Martin Orgar, Cannon St

Photo: Dickon R Love

  • Single clock bell
  • Grid Ref: TQ328808
  • Tower rebuilt 1851 even though the church was demolished in 1829.
  • Diocese: London
  • Building Listed Grade: II. Click for Heritage details.


1469 Record of a new rope and repairs to the fittings. [1]
1552 Record of 4 bells and a sanctus. [7]
1577 Record of a rope for saintes bell. [2]
1579 17s was paid to the carpenters for hanging the bells and 8s.4d. for mending the bell clapper and other work. [3]
1580 A baldrick was supplied for the saunce bell. [4]
1582 6s.8d. was paid for mending 2 bell clappers. [5]
1583 A new rope was provided for the sanctus bell. The treble (of 4) was also recast by Robert Mot. [6]
1585 13s.4d. was paid for "work about the bells". [8]
1594 5s was paid "for mendinge the belles the clappers the whels". [9]
1630 The steeple of the church was repaired.
1666 The body of the church was destroyed in the Great Fire. The tower survived, as did part of the nave and these remains were used as a place of worship for French Protestants who continued to meet there until 1820. The bell survived but was cracked and had to be replaced.
1670 The parish was united with that of St Clement Eastcheap.
1671 The bell was recast by John & Christopher Hodson.
1820 The building was pulled down leaving just the tower standing.
1851 The tall brick tower was rebuilt on the site of the previous one. The bell and frame was removed from the tower. [10]
1852 The old bell was rehung in a new frame. At a later date it was rehung dead on a beam at the top of the tower as a clock bell with its projecting clock. It is occasionally tolled at deaths by a piece of iron at right angles to the clapper. [11]
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